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Our online survey system is well suited to all types of companies, from small to large.
To this end, we also cater to all budgets and provide the following packages:

  . Free Version Enterprise Corporate
Monthly Price option N/A R 100.00 R 500.00
Annual Price options N/A R 1100.00 R 5500.00
    Free Version Enterprise Corporate
Number of surveys allowed 2 50 Unlimited
Number of questions per survey 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of responses allowed 500 per survey 500 per survey Unlimited
Email support response time 6 Hours or less 4 Hours or less 2 Hours or less
Pre-defined best practise colour schemes
Create a weblink to your survey
Create an e-mail link to your survey
Use our e-mail tool to e-mail survey invitations
View Live results as they are recorded
Create your survey in ay language
Validation of Survey response
Google adds appear in survey
Add a custom logo to your survey
Create a custom "thank-you" page
Create a custom redirect upon survey completion
Create multiple custom reports to include particular question responses
Download your responses into CSV
Filter and cross tabulate your responses by custom criteria
Password protect surveys
Hex code colour option
Create a personalised weblink to your survey
Create a personalised e-mail link to your survey
Restrict survey users to one response using Cookies
Receive e-mail notification of surveys completed & results
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