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How can I increase my response rate to my surveys

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What is the best way to get people to take our surveys

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Why you should choose SmokeSurveys?

1 With us your life is easy
We have the easiest to use, electronic survey, tools available to create your own surveys, everything from sign up to results analysis is quick and easy. Try our free version and then sign with a small monthly fee for endless possibilities. Your SmokeSurvey will pay for itself many times over 

2 Have it the way you want it
With our three options (free, Entreprise and Gold) you can choose a SmokeSurvey option that best suits you. 

3 We've done the work for you
We've put in the long hours to enable you to create a survey and start collecting responses with the least possible effort. When building our software our two main focuses were to make it easy and make it relevant. You don't need to install software or stay up all night studying user manuals. Every step of the process is easy to follow, and just in case you get stuck there is always help at hand.  

4 Not even the sky is the limit
With our Platinum membership there is no limit to the number of survey responses you can receive, questions you can ask or surveys you can create, therefore, even the biggest listed company can comfortably make use of SmokeSurveys electronic survey tool

5 Your information is safe with us
All data that you receive via your surveys as well as any of your private data is strictly confidential.  We are in the business of providing electronic survey tools, not selling our valued customers information.

6 We Listen
Often huge online companies do not place enough emphasis on listening to what their customers have to say. We have built our business on listening and we value any input or suggestions that you may have.  

7 We are fully customer focused
The only reason we are in business is because of our customers. We have know  this from the start and believe that every customer deserves to receive exceptional service. E-mail and we will get back to you, GUARANTEED.  

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