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How can I increase my response rate to my surveys

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Why you should choose SmokeSurveys?

Is it really free?
The free version is exactly that, FREE. You will be able to create, distribute and analyse surveys at no cost. However, additional branding, volume and other benefits are derived from the Enterprise and Corporate contracts. 

Who can use this service? 
The service is available to everyone. For example businesses often use it to conduct employee satisfaction surveys, receive customer/product feedback, or book people into events. Student and academics use the service to collect a wide range of data on every topic you can imagine. 

How do I create and distribute my survey?
This is the beauty of SmokeSurveys, it is so easy, once you've registered you simply start a new questionnaire and enter the questions you want answered. If you already know what you want to ask then this will only take a few minutes to complete.


After you have constructed the questions and you personal look and feel for the questionnaire just click the launch button and the service will provide you with a standard web link to your survey which you can add to your website, it will also provide you with banner coding for your website and a "button" in the form of your logo to e-mail off to possible respondents. We can also provide you with some 'popup' window code to add to your website, or you can upload a list of e-mail addresses (OPT-IN SUBSCRIBERS OR EMPLOYEES ONLY) and send them an invitation to take your survey. 

How are the results collected and analysed? 
We collect and store the results data for you. The data will appear in your analysis page instantly. 
Our results page will analyse the data for you and display various charts showing the totals and averages for each question. 

If you are a paying customer then you can view the completed surveys individually or download them as a spreadsheet. In addition the individual results can be emailed to you as soon as they are collected which can be handy if you are using the questionnaire as a sales or contact form.

What happens if I exceed the limits of the Free account? 
Your surveys will continue to work and the results will still be collected for a time. You will not however, be able to view the results unless you upgrade the account.

What do I get if I upgrade? 
Have a look at our bundles 

What does it cost to upgrade? 
Have a look at our bundles 

Do you have a privacy policy, who owns my data? 
Information collected using our service belongs solely to you.  This information will not be passed to another company or person.  E-mail addresses that are collected in response to your surveys will never be used for marketing, sales or any other reason.  In short your data is completely confidential!

Rebranding your surveys 
You can replace our logo on your survey with your own by subscribing to our pay service.
Larger organizations: If you need to replace the domain name used in the link then please contact us for assistance. 

I would like to upgrade my subscription, can I pay by cheque or bank transfer? 
We can only accept monthly payments debit order (download the debit order form here), however we are happy to accept credit card or direct deposits for accounts paid annually. Please contact us for details if you need to be invoiced before sending a payment in this way. 

How can I get the complete set of individual results, not just the aggregated totals? 
After you upgrade you can download the complete set of results as a spreadsheet. This can be loaded into any standard spreadsheet package including Microsoft Excel or Lotus. 

Can I download to SPSS? 
Results can be downloaded as a CSV file which will normally open in Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet application when opened. If you save the file to disk first however then you can use SPSS's import functionality to open the file as you want. 

How do I cancel? 
Please use the cancellations link on the contact us page after logging in to your account, contracts can only be cancelled after the 12 month contract period. Please ensure that you only cancel when you are finished with your results, as your account will revert to the free status one month after cancelation notice has been received and you will no longer have access to your results. 

Are surveys anonymous or can I track who has responded? 
By default all surveys are anonymous; we do not track a person's email or provide you with a respondents IP address.

If you are conducting an email survey and wish to track who has or hasn't responded then please contact us as we have additional options which will suit these requirements. 

Can I add images to my survey? 
Yes, we provide a personal image library system with each account that allows you to upload your own images and use them in your question text. 

Can I add video clips to my survey? 
Yes, you can insert YouTube, Google Video and other online media into your surveys. 

Can I collect free text responses as well as fixed answers? 
Yes, respondents can type answers to questions if you require. The results will be available in the spreadsheet download and the results page as normal.

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