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Section A

How can I increase my response rate to my surveys

Section B

What is the best way to get people to take our surveys

Section C

Why you should choose SmokeSurveys?

1. Get to your audience in as many ways as possible.
Consider a number of sources for possible respondents. Remember you can reach your target audience in many more ways than just e-mail. Think about adding your survey as a link on your website, partner's sites, blogs, web posts etc. SmokeSurveys also activates every survey as a mobi site, so you can target respondents on the move at no extra cost.

2. Personalized e-mail invitations work better.
Emails with a personal address lead to a much higher response rate. So send your email to "Dear Paul/Mr Smith" rather than "Dear Valued Customer/Employee." 

3. Keep the invitation to your survey short
Keep your email invitation short and simple, with just one link - the one to the survey. Make sure you clearly explain "Who you are", "Benefits of the survey" (to both you and the respondent), Length of the survey (people are more likely to complete a survey if they know what they are in for) ensure people that all response are Private and confidential (keep to this promise, you only have one reputation, it's better to keep it clean)

4. Make your first survey page simple 
People don't read complex instructions (that's a fact) so keep you first page with instructions as simple as possible, if somebody chooses to skip the instructions they should still be able to successfully navigate through the survey. 

5. Be clear about privacy of information and why the survey is being conducted
People are more likely to take the survey if they are aware of what the survey results will be used for i.e. improving service offerings/working conditions etc. Are they anonymous? Is the information confidential? Etc.

6. Send Reminders 
Some people will take your survey right away, others will not, due to a number of reasons. Increase your response by sending follow-up email reminders with the survey link included. Do not to send more than two reminder emails and filter out email addresses of people who do not wish to be contacted again. 

7. Offering incentives 
Studies show that incentives need not be large to increase response rates. A small token, gift certificate, etc., can increase responses considerably. Keep in mind that incentives may sometimes skew results as people may think that only if they respond in a certain way will they be eligible for the incentive. 

8. Some people just want to share their opinion!
A large number of people will complete a survey to share their information rather than to receive an incentive. So make your incentive optional - you must choose to be included in a raffle or donating to a relevant cause for example. 

9. Use graphics and Internet features sparingly. 
In general surveys don't need fancy graphics, and sometimes graphics can distract from the content of the survey, or influence answers. But there are a few ways to use graphics to improve your survey responses. These include providing an image and web link for a prize or incentive or using your corporate logo/catchphrase to entrench it in your respondents minds. 

10. Publish your results online to survey participants.10
People who respond will want to see results, and getting these results will encourage them to complete the survey. 


And a bonus? 
Use friends, family and colleagues targeting Use your respondents to share your survey to interested. Offer respondents an opportunity to send the survey to others, and if their friends and family take the survey, the original respondent has a better chance of winning/earning a gift incentive. This can be easily achieved by collecting email addresses as part of the survey.

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